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VirtualCurator Zeus automatic loading
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Zeus virtual entities don't working.
Current view with zeus entity :


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Windows 10 x64
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Zeus - Feature Request
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Spawn any virtual curator and play with it.

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this is actually not a bug.

The Virtual Entity is only a playable entity (will appear as virtual slot in MP), if you want it to be a proper zeus you have to give it a name, insert Game Master module and insert the name in the GM module Owner. For best effect check in also the Forced Interface. Otherwise you would need to use Zeus button to get into the Zeus interface.

Basic setup in editor would go like this:

Insert Systems > Modules > Zeus > Game Master
Open its attributes and insert "zeus1" as Owner and enable Forced Interface
Insert Systems > Logic Entities > Virtual Entities > Zeus
Open its attributes set Variable name to "zeus1"

Run the scenario - you are now Zeus

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Thanks for the answer. I know the procedure with zeus module but why call zeus entity if we should add zeus module ? I change the category to request add of automatic zeus loading.

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Zues entity is a virtual entity, when simply said it's and invisible and invincible soldier, you can have the Zeus module set for regular unit but this way, you need to keep that unit from harm (which is not desired in some scenarios and is a more elegant solution than setting a unit to be invincible and stuck in some corner of a map).

OK thanks for consideration.