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Flying behind helicoptor when changing seats
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Sometimes after changing gunner seats in the ghosthawk (1 pilot 1 gunner), the gunner will appear to be flying behind the helicopter (pilot's view). The gunner's view stays the same, if he last switched to the left gun, he stays there. Now he can still shoot the gun but the pilot doesn't hear or see the bullets, and neither party can talk via vehicle chat anymore. The gunner won't be able to switch seats or get out of the helicopter (maybe eject but not get out). The only way to 'fix' this is to land, the pilot has to get out and get into whichever seat the gunner was in, and this kicks the gunner out so you can both get in and resume flying.


Operating System
Windows 7
Steps To Reproduce

Have one pilot and one gunner fly around in the ghosthawk while the gunner swaps seats a lot.

Additional Information

May have to do with desync or lag too, but this bug has been found with at least 30 different gunners of mine and have also heard other people complain about it.

I only fly ghosthawks in the KOTH mod but not sure if that has anything to do with this problem.

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please god someone fix this, if you need more info just ask. this is a horrible bug.

still an issue