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Sensor not identifying targets / target lost from sensor
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Targets not identified and target losts from sensor.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Steps To Reproduce

Uploaded a video which explains better:


  1. multiple targets placed from different factions - fuel set to 0
  2. drone using laser
  3. only white hollow targets and laser target are visible on the sensor even when radar turned on
  4. restarting the mission
  5. no drone activated
  6. all targets identified - solid white markers
  7. after a while all target disappear from the sensor

Mission file:

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oukej added a subscriber: oukej.Feb 22 2017, 10:31 AM

Hey, thanks for the report!

The Buzzard's Radar is less able to spot non-moving targets against ground clutter.

During the first flight you switch the Radar ON only once you are in flight. At that point the targets are too far from you (relatively closer to the ground) and they are not moving. IR Sensor isn't able to pick them either because they are not heated (deliberately set fuel 0). So you only see what's datalinked from the drone.

During the second flight you switch the Radar ON during the take off. At this point the targets are relatively closer, their background further away and less cluttered (or it may be even sky making it a 'look up' situation). Once in the air the situation is same as before. Only you no longer have anyone to send you the targets.

If you switched the Radar ON during the take off in the first flight some of the datalink targets would turn solid. Own acquired tgts should take priority over the datalink ones.

Pls give it a go and see if that's actually the behavior you see.

Thanks a also thanks a lot for the nice videos you've made!

Thanks for your explanation on ground clutter effect. That make sense.

However it would be better to get some signal on the sensor even it is not strong enough to lock-on because it is very strange flying right above a truck/tank/airplane and the radar not picking up anything - however can be explained that only strong signal sources displayed on the sensor.

Few remarks:

Tested with Titan AT and the result is consistent (cannot lock either).

Wrecks has incorrect IR signal - visible on sensor while the healthy target is not / also lockable with Titan AT.

Burning wreck reports the original vehicle info (for example : instead of 'unknown' -> 'HEMTT transport')

Titan AT can lock on air target.