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1.68 RC: 3den editor - Items in Trigger/Effects dropdown menus cannot be selected with mouse click using Small interface size
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When using Small interface size, in the Effects section of the Trigger dialog, the pop-up menus having lots of items (e.g. Music) require down-arrow keys followed by a click on the pop-up menu list selector (small down arrow icon) to select an item. Items cannot be selected with mouse click. With other interface sizes (I only tested Very Small and Normal), the issue does not occur and items in drop-down lists can be selected with mouse click.

True in 1.66 stable branch and 1.68 RC.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Eden Editor
Steps To Reproduce
  • Select Small interface size in game options.
  • Open Eden editor.
  • Place trigger.
  • Open trigger dialog.
  • Scroll down to Effects section
  • Try to select an option from one of the dropdown menus, such as Music, using mouse click. This is impossible.
  • Item selection can only be accomplished by using down arrow on keyboard to scroll through items, followed by clicking on pop-up menu list selector (small down arrow icon).
Additional Information

I'm using 1920 x 1200 flatscreen monitor.

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Should be fixed in the Dev already and also in RC/Main branch with the next update.

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You're on a roll! Great work!