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The instruction at 0x######## referenced memory at 0x0000000. The memory could not be written.
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While playing KOTH (By Sa-mantra to Bobby), i get random crashes, all with the same errorcode; 0x000000.
I played a little GTArma once, and didn't encounter any issues.

I've tried reinstalling, deleting ARMA Documents folder, deleted all .dll's and verified cache, disabling Steam overlay, uninstalling K-Lite Codec Pack, and nothing seems to work.
The issue can come just after I spawn, but seems to be triggered by respawning, in the same second as I press Escape to respawn.

Sometimes I can' play for ~1 hour, and other times it's instantly when I join.
I have uploaded the crashdump


Operating System
Windows 7
Operating System Version
Home Premium
Error Message
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Spawning, respawning

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I´ve noticed that you´re using default Windows allocator even via your Launcher parameters.

Windows memalloc is very weak. I recommend you to unload this parameter


and also these parameters:

-enableHT -maxvram=1180

-maxvram=1180 is very little. Set higher value or disable this parameter.

Also, you can try re-instal your GPU drivers because the crash was caused by atkdx11disp.dll fault which is related to some core fault in your PC.

Well spotted.
I have tried changing various parameters, as the issues were more occuring without any custom parameters set.

Changing the memory allocator to "system" made the biggest improve in performance, even after trying tbb4malloc_bi and jemalloc_bi, which just made it worse.

I've set the maxvram because my GPU is not bigger than 1280 MB (I am on the lookout for a new GPU), so I figured I didn't need to set it higher
I just did some research on the "atkdx11disp.dll" and it seems that a software that came along with my ASUS GTX570 GPU, Asus Smart Doctor, seems to be causing issues with that distinct .dll file.

I will uninstall Smart Doctor, reinstall GPU drivers, and fix a few parameters, hoping that it would resolve the issue.
Thank you for your fast response! I will return if I keep having issues.

If I understood correctly. Your issue was resolved, right?

I won´t close tics ticket in case that you have some other questions or notes.

Can I close this ticket?

I haven't had much time to check out if it worked, but it didn't crash for the approx. 25 minutes I tested.

Thank you for your very nice support; I did wonder if it was some .dll file that caused the issue, but the crashdump was too large for me to find the particular issue.

You can close the ticket.

@Astaroth hi :)
Please close this ticket as obsolete

Astaroth closed this task as Resolved.Jun 13 2019, 11:23 AM