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My game wont launch.
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Okay, so I understand that this has most likely been discovered by someone else, however I have not found a solution to the problem after many hours of research. The game used to run perfectly for ~3 months, however I decided to play the game with one of my friends but the game did not launch. I ran the game as administrator and it worked, however it only worked that time. I have tried to verify integrity of game cache, have reinstalled the game and rebooted my pc but none of these attempts worked. Here is a link to what happens:


Operating System
Windows 7
Operating System Version
64 bit
Game Crash
Steps To Reproduce

I do not know how you can reproduce this, due to the fact that I do not know how it has happened.

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Hi, it seems to be Arma 3 is running in background in same time. Open Task Manager, go to Processes and check if Arma don´t run.

Hello levettmoomoo,
could you please check your desktop for a text file with an error log (there should be one created every time the game failed to start) and upload that file?

I do not see an error log on my desktop when I load the game. This is what I see: please help me with more information on that. Also, I do not see anything run on task manager in processes when I attempt to run the game.

Plus, I went into the files and I was able to run the game in the Arma 3 folder, however this does not let me play with mods which is mainly what I play.