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Advice on how to keep mods on the server up-to-date
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This is not a bug report! I try to get and provide some feedback for mod updates in server environments.

TL;DR How can I update the mods used on a dedicated server in a way, that a client using the vanilla arma 3 launcher can connect properly?

As i am the sysadmin of my arma unit, i was wondering what the best way to keep mods, running on the dedicated server, up-to-date would be. For the sake of automation I came up with 2 ideas:

  1. PlayWithSix - updates provided by this program are broken constantly and do not match necessarily with the version provided on steam workshop
  2. Steam Workshop - this would be the perfect source for mod updates as every arma player would be able to get the same mod versions using the steam workshop, but I need a steam account owning arma 3 to use it (35€)

IMO the introduction of workshop mods was a big step in the right direction, but those mods should be accessable by server providers too. Because if they aren't, clients may only connect to servers running the exact same version of a mod by accident.

What did i miss?
Is/will there be a better way to update mods?
Do I have to buy Arma 3 to update mods on a headless server?
Is there an official advice on how to update mods on a headless server? - I couldn't find one in the wiki



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Not a Bug!

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Hi, @Meyo

Thank you for your suggestion. There is currently not careless way to do it but I would like to wait what another admins will say to this.