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Allow Zeus interacting with simple objects
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Simple objects are a big deal when it comes to performance. Unfortunately, Zeus cannot interact with them at the moment.

What has to be done:


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Windows 8 x64
Zeus - Feature Request
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It would also be interesting to be able to spawn simple objects with Zeus.
One could implement a check box below the empty object tree control for instance.
Once Zeus supports simple objects, it wouldn't be hard to implement such a feature in an add-on,
however an engine based implementation would be superior.

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The thing with Simple Objects is, that they NEVER change position or orientation and they exist from start to end of the mission without ever changing their state. This saves a lot of checks on them, which makes them so efficient. So if you make them creatable, movable and rotatable you lose everything you gained.

Disclaimer: I do not know that it is implemented that way, but I strongly suspect it.

Thx for reviewing the topic.

I guess you talk about map objects. In contrast, this topic is about objects created with the createSimpleObject script command, respective Objects placed in Eden editor with the attribute "Simple Object" checked. Script commands such as setPos work for them.

Jhonny added a comment.Feb 8 2017, 7:37 PM

@ookexoo you are right. I didn't know you can create Simple Objects with scripts at runtime. The description in the editor says that they behave like Map Objects, which isn't 100% true then.


I´ve discuss this suggestion with our designers and seems to be a quite hard work based on our actual work schedule.

We´re appreciate your suggestion.

Hello Alwin,
thank you for your answer.
I wasn't sure how hard such a feature would be to implement.

Alwin added a comment.Feb 20 2017, 9:07 AM

You´re welcome. This should be a quite hard work.

Have you any other questions or quotes or can I close this ticket?

No, it can be closed.

Alwin closed this task as Resolved.Feb 21 2017, 8:55 AM