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Unrealistic Flipping Tracked Vehicles
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Go into a full tracked vehicle, drive it near a rock, so that it is on your side, ond you cant see it with you poor poor poor drivers sight (modern tank all have periskope for driver, or driver and commander share 2 periskopes or at leat a backdrive camera^^), then turn the vehicle, so that you hit the rock with side...
theres a good chance, that the vehicle flipps to the side and is immobile and useless, even if it surreal cause the rock is tiny...

Also rocks are near unvisible with drivers nightvision in the dark, when background is the ground. Last nightbattle i drove a BTR-K and i accidentally drove on a flat rock. Then i wanted to turn some degrees. The vehicle startet spinning around the horizontally axe with around 5-10 turns per second and 2 seconds later the vehicle magically flipped on its side...

this is unbearable vehicle behaviour and i wish there would be a fix. in multiplayer tanks and co are important and expensive assets. and in good multiplayer there is no 3rd person view. i know its designed for 3rd person view driving, but that is not how most players are playing it. if you dont hot fix it with patches, at least consider first person driver optic improvements for the tank dlc. even if i think it should be in the game already.


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