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Losing your primary weapon easily
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Its very easy to lose your main rifle when you carry an additional SMG

This is not a bug but rather a "questionable" choice in game mechanics


Operating System
Windows 7
Steps To Reproduce

If you have a weapon and an axe on your back and a submachine gun in your inventory do the following:

my assignment for hotkeys: 1= axe, 2= SMG, 3= Rifle

  • Take the main weapon in your hand (press 3)
  • Switch to your smg (someone jumped you or whatever) (press 2)
  • Switch back to your main weapon (seems like you suvived and want to keep sniping) (press 3)
  • Switch to the axe or anything in your inventory or just put the weapon away (zombie attack? bleeding? morphine? need to run?) (press 1 or 3 or take item in hands)

the character will now drop the main rifle to the floor since he put the SMG on his back earlier. If you do this while running from a zombie or anything else its most likely "good bye precious rifle" because you will most likely not realize what happened instantly, especially in 1pp (atleast in my cases, happened 4 times now in a week)

Additional Information

My suggestion would be that if you put the SMG back the game first checks for inventory space before putting it on your back.

I know i will get used to this and be fine but if it happens to me that often im pretty sure many many other people experience this too which truly is kinda frustrating since you most likely have a pretty valuable rifle when you reach the point where you carry both

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Or maybe just an indicator message that the weapon has been dropped?

Or don't double carry? It would be pretty hard to juggle weapons in a confrontation, especially if it goes in your backpack.

mel_instagibson added a comment.EditedJan 14 2017, 3:14 AM

So they implemented pistols and submachineguns that intendedly fit in the inventory with the ulterior motive of discouraging players to use them in combination with main gun like a sniper rifle? And that they do by making people drop their main guns on accident with something kinda buggy?

Sorry, but no, i dont see any valid argumentation in that.

How about adding weapon slings into the game to carry multiple weapons