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Range of years should be extended (3DEN editor attribute for date)
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WW2 has become a very popular theme for Arma 3 thanks to Iron Front mod and some others. While creating a mission in this theme i wanted to set the date to 1940 but then i realized that the lowest limit for date is 1982(I guess that's from Arma: Cold war assault). Im sure a lot of community members would appreciate the possibility of setting a proper historical date in their missions, for immersion purposes.


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Rad created this task.Jan 11 2017, 8:25 PM
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Hi, @Rad

Thank you for a good observation. We´ll decide what to do with this.

We´ll contact you as soon as possible.

nomisum added a subscriber: nomisum.Nov 1 2017, 2:26 PM

Hello, I'd also like to see the date range extended farther into the past.

This is going to be changed in the next CBA mod update (whatever is released after CBA_A3 v3.11.2.190515)