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Cannot take civil tent with me on my back
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I am unable to carry a normal tent (civilian tent) on my back.
I can only carry it in my hand.

Second thing. When I have a backpack on my back and the tent in my hand, when I then try to switch the two.. (it gives a blue box around the tent (signal of swapping something (as far as I know))) it bugs my character.
The tent drops on the ground and I cannot use my hands for anything until I re-log.

EDIT: One sneaky question: Are cars back in this update? Or is there an estimated wait time???


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Operating System Version
Windows 10 Home || W10 version: 1511 || OS BUILD: 10586.713 ||
Steps To Reproduce

Find tent

Drag it from vicinity to your back
Click with RMB on the tent and select 'take'
Select 'take' when looking at it ingame

Additional Information

This was in the last update which downloaded today. (10-01-17)

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Cars are only on experimental.

You cannot put the normal tent on your back, only military tents. You can however put the blue tent in your inventory if you have a big enough backpack.

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