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ArmA stops using dedicated GPU and switches to cpu onboard video
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Sometimes when playing, ArmA gets a roughly 16 seacond long lag spike, which after the game looks like crap (flat surfaces) and the fps is reduced to 5 at max. I noticed that my GPU use drops to idle at the exact same time as the game starts the lag spike. I guess the game switches to use onboard video. No crash happens, no crash logs created after service shutdown. This can happen between 1-2 times in an hour.


Operating System
Windows 7
Operating System Version
Steps To Reproduce

No steps, happens on random.

Additional Information

System specs:
GTX 780 TI (runs at ~45C when lag starts)
I7-4790K at 4.1GHz
16GB of 1333MHz DDR3 ram

Game running from an Intel 240GB ssd

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@milo9393, please use the Arma 3 Launcher to prepare a troubleshooting report and then upload the report to the feedback tracker for the developers to review.

For issues regarding Arma 3 you can file a troubleshooting report, also via an action available in the option menu in the upper right corner (gear icon)

Be sure to upload the whole report file. If the report file will not upload directly to the feedback tracker then try uploading to a free file sharing service such as Dropbox, Microsoft OneDrive, Google Drive,, and so forth, and then link to the report file.

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could you try these solution one-by-one:

  1. re-install your GPU drivers (or uninsatll and install again)
  2. plug monitor to discrete graphic card (I suppose you got it already)
  3. try plug your GPU to TV via HDMI cable and investigate if the issue persist
  4. you may need to disable the onboard graphics in the BIOS if you havent already. This will make sure the two graphics devices are not conflicting
  5. disabling the onboard graphics in the BIOS and directly connecting the monitor to the discrete card should work
  6. disable Crossfire mode, if you're allowed
  7. decreasing you game graphic quality should create a more video memory space that should avoid crashes

You can try the last possible solution called All in One Runtimes tool.

  1. Download All in One Runtimes
  2. Tool will repair your Visual C++, Java SE, Adobe Flash Player, Adobe Shockwave Player, Silverlight, DirectX
  3. Restart computer
  4. Uninstall the tool
  5. Launch the game

Let me know if the issue will still persist.

Thank you for report.