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Inconsistency with soldier terrain collision geometry between crouch stances
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There seem to be some inconsistencies with the size of the soldier geometry for different stances
In regular crouch, a soldier can turn fine in a corridor with 1m width. Also with any of the standing stances. But with high crouch or low crouch, it is not possible to turn. Even at 1.2m corridor width it's not possible to do so in those two stances. It needs a corridor width of 1.3m to be able to turn (and then it still results in some "choppy" turning, as it does when space is very tight) Visually it does not look like low crouch or high crouch is much more "space taking" than regular crouch.

To me it feels like collision geometry in crouch is not quite large enough (with 0.9m corridor width you can turn, but your head clips into the wall, when using the large VR objects for example), but high and low crouch is too large. They should meet in the middle.

Ingame example:
In the Land_PillboxBunker_01_rectangle_F you can't turn around in low or high crouch. The very narrow gap between the "divider wall" is too narrow to turn even in crouch but that seems to be more of an issue with the bunker model itself.


Operating System
Windows 7
Steps To Reproduce

Place large VR boxes with their walls 1m and 1.2m apart and try to turn in that corridor. Or try Land_PillboxBunker-01_rectangle_F

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