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Stuck on loading screen, Private Hive
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Hello so I was playing on a private hive server. I was running by NWAF and logged out in the bushes to go and take a shower. I come back to the server and wait through the queue and to come and find now that my game will not load in. It is staying on the dayz loading screen where I hear the background noise of birds and the wind. I have tried verifying game cache, reinstalling the game, deleting my .cfg folder, and to still no surprise no luck. I have spoken to the owner of this server and he is waiting to hear back from Bohemia. I just wanted to post this here to shed some light on this issue because it is kind of an annoying bug and preventing me/possibly other players from playing certain servers.


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My friend experienced this, when he connected to the server he saw black screen with Direct box, and then we would see a battleye timeout message and he would get disconnected after about a minute. We tried clearing his battleeye configuration from steamapps.dayz, and from appdata,dayz and verified his game files after to fix battleye but still didn't work. The next day, after the server rebooted, he could get in again fine.