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CE item random.
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Seems like the CE item spawn random is working not propper. The next was noticed. I'm playing whith my friend, for few last days it happend that we were separeted and were in a very different places on the map, but of course we stand still on call. Exploring Police stations both of us have found the same guns in the same conditions whith the same attachments. That was ok untill the next day, or even the second part of that day , the same situation was occured but with diffrents guns or attachmrnts for it. 1st day we both found CZ75 whith supressor and flashlight on it. In evening of that day that always was just Glock mags . Today its PM73 mags. For 4 Police station over the map. I see that its meaned to be like - If i dindt find that i need here , i'll go& check next town. not " i didnt find the thing i need, ok then, i'll come back in few hours or jump to another server."


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JasonX created this task.Dec 29 2016, 1:26 AM