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Character Status On Accel. Time Servers
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While playing on an accelerated time server I noticed characters die from sickness and hypothermia way too fast. An example would be it starts to rain and after 2 mins of being in the rain the character is already suffering from hypothermia. If untreated, the character is dead within 5 mins. I found this to be pretty consistent on accel time servers. Low blood or hp is not an issue as all characters have been fully hydrated, energized, and healthy.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Steps To Reproduce
  1. Get sick or hypothermia
  2. Hang out
Additional Information

.61 stable

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I've tested this on multiple servers accelerated and not. I found no difference in the time it took to get sickness, go hungry or thirsty any sooner or faster than a non accelerated server. Whether that's in the rain or not.

Acceleration effects nothing else but day/night cycle time.

Unfortunately, you are wrong. I will wait for devs decision before saying any more. If I need to provide video evidence then I will.