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Hypothermia Bug at the Fireplace
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hey there,

i was on a public server right now. i was running through he whole map and my char was hot.
it starts raining on server and i was soaked trough. i promtly starting to cooling off.
as my char was freezing i started to make a fireplace. i sit on fire and i´m drying. But i only saw the message i´m hypotermia.
no slowly warming up or somthing else. an after 2 minutes there was written i´m burning and i was dead instantly.
no masage that it is to hot for my char oder that im rapitly warming up... nothing .. only hypothermia and i´m burning and dead.

i wear a black cargo pants, military jacked, assault west

running to make me hot doesent work.


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Windows 7

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Were your player statuses updating in the TAB inventory screen?

Also when you get the hypothermia message you are pretty much screwed. You have to catch it earlier when it indicates that you are cold. Also it helps to take items out of say your shirt, right click it and wring it out. You have to dry your clothes in order to gain temp. (Cannot be drenched)