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0.61.x Crash to Desktop - Error in application 0x0..052EB3
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I haven't played DayZ for a long time, but my today's try was a crash party.
I played the 2 exp build you had today and the stable 0.61 version, with the same crash type. Not sure if the 0x0..52E5B3 address was always the same, but the error type was. And the secound hex number endet always with 8 or 10. Might be cause I tried 64 and 32 bit versions.
It always happens while i'm using the inventory. Sometine as soon i press TAP, sometime when i use a item in some way. It never happened while running or shooting or whatever. Only in combination with the inventory.
I dont think I played longer than 20mins without a crash. It felt like I it crashes easier after I looted quite some stuff that you get in the first 30 mins.
All around I had maybe 12 crashes. Disabled fraps, updated some drivers closed the most stuff running.

Edit: Did some additional testing, I can reproduce it now.
With my Character "TreffNiX" on Server DayZ UK 2-5 at the garage in 81x44 im able to reproduce the crash with the exakt same crash message as I uploaded.
Did it with the steps below couple times now.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Steps To Reproduce

Get my Character.
Have some gear around. In my case a ice axe and a wool coat.
Spam press Tab and turn the mouse randomly.
Crash after a some time.

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Not sure if you got the stuff I uploaded with the drag&drop, I might be blind but i cant see it. If you answer me somewhat soonish I might be here to reupload. If not I hope you get it fixed, will try DayZ in a few months again.

Edit. Nevermind, There they are.

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Just keep feeding them crash dumps, they will slowly iron them out.

In the mean time I recommend playing on the 32 bit exe as it is more stable.