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Vomiting will bug SICK Status but not affect sickness
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This is a older issue, but still present. As I understood you are working on status bugs now - so I will report it now.

Players when sick go to pump, go overfed and vomit. After that sick status will disappear.

So we have made an 8 hours test (on .60 stable) when we have check the blood, health, shock etc levels from log file every 5 minutes (fist hit). This was done on same server, on same fully healthy, energised and hydrated character with same clothing.

We have tested eating worms and drinking fuel from canten and not to vomit and vomit just after eating or vomiting after sick status appeared.

The results were:

  1. vomiting will bug sick status and sick status will disappear after vomiting - making player think he is cured.
  2. vomiting will not affect sickness

My suggestion is to fix it so, that vomiting will not clear the sick status and/or that sick status will be visible during whole sickness and regeneration period. (you can see, you got sick status after blood is regenerating).

Please see attached pictures with time/blood level and status/vomit marks.

Please contact me if additional informations is needed. I have all data in Excel sheet.

Best regarťds.


Operating System
Windows 7
Steps To Reproduce

Go sick, overfed and vomit

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I think it's the way overeating is handled. Probably won't see any fixes until new player controller.