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|DayZ .61 Stable 12/19/16 | Unconciousness Is Broken
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Unconciousness is beyond messed up. My friend and I were fighting zeds and I accidently hit him with a baseball bat; he had no shock damage whatsoever, blood was good, etc, and he instantly went down. He had a helmet on as well, and I hit him in the chest and he instantly went unconcious.

Now here's the gamebreaking part, he couldn't be woken up. I used a Epen, he didn't wake up. I gave him saline. Didn't wake up. Keep in mind he's completely healthy anyways so Im pretty much wasting these items trying to wake him. Eventually I told him to try reconnecting, but when he did so he died.

tl;dr Unconciousness is bugged (sometimes?), you can't wake up from it. This happened to us once in EXP and happened again in stable today.


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Windows 7 x64
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Try hitting a healthy player with any melee, even your fists, in the chest. I don't know how often it can be reproduced. If he goes down instantly as unconcious then there you go.

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it sucks

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This really needs to be addressed

mrjoe added a comment.Dec 20 2016, 9:25 PM

Also, getting knocked unconcious from zombies has the same effect. You just can't wake up. At all.

mrjoe added a comment.Dec 23 2016, 5:31 PM one of the many, many threads reporting the same issue. Pretty damn game breaking.

I think this is due to player statuses being "stuck". Thus your player never leaves the unconscious state due to the statuses never updating. Logging while unconscious results in fresh character.