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Player Stuck in False Unconcious State
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After a player is revived from an unconscious state, they appear conscious to other players. They still show to others as a completely upright and mobile character, but their inventory is accessible as if they were unconscious.


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Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Operating System Version
Health System
Steps To Reproduce
  1. Players [A] and [B] log onto server.
  2. Player [A] obtain a weapon, epinephrine, bandages/rags, morphine, and anything else needy to stay healthy/alive.
  3. Player [B] collect what is needed to obtain healthy status and stay alive.
  4. Players [A] and [B] meet at a location on the map.
  5. Player [A] shoot player [B] with weapon, only enough to knock unconscious.
  6. Player [A] use bandage on Player [B].
  7. Player [A] use morphine on Player [B].
  8. Player [A] use epinephrine (or preform CPR) on Player [B].
  9. Player [B] attempt to move using WASD keys if still on unconscious screen.
Additional Information

I have not been able to attempt a reproduction of this issue. Repro steps were simplified to streamline in-house attempts to see the issue. Originating occurrence is documented below for reference. (Found on 0.61.136770):

My friend entered an unconscious state when he was shot outside of Staroye by what I assume was a Magnum. After dispatching of the assailant I attempted to revive my friend. I administered epinephrine and morphine. He was conscious for a second, but I had failed to bandage him and he fell down again before we could stop the bleeding. I then bandaged my friend and attempted CPR. After a few compressions my friend looked to be conscious and standing, but was reporting via Teamspeak that he still was seeing the black unconscious screen. I was able to access his inventory and the player model was moving in response to movement commands my friend was attempting to make, but his screen would not come back to gameplay. He attempted to relog to remedy the situation, and this forced a respawn.

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