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Dayz 0.61 exp X64 extreme stutter and weird behaviour.
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I tried the X64 last night and it ran quite nicely. After an hour and half of playing I did however notice some slushiness in the movement of my character and after five minutes of it some extreme stuttering and low fps, from around 100 down to 10 with a lot of freezing. At one point I even thought the server had crashed but it hadn't. It then went back to normal and I continued on. After about two minutes something very strange happened. My character started rubberbanding and then by himself moving sideways in a circular pattern.
Nothing like this has ever happened before. I restarted dayz and played x86 and had no such issues any more.


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Windows 7
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sp1 x64
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16 GB ram
Win7 x64

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Hi have the same problem , last week on x64 i have no problem, but now its unplayable, and sometime crash in game. and always when i exit the game the x64 crash (withe screen)

spec: i7 4790k 1080, 16gb ram

Sneakydude added a subscriber: Sneakydude.EditedDec 15 2016, 6:33 PM

When that happens, it usualy means something is up with the memory error upon exit or it is leading up to it. I too have the same issue for many patches. Sometimes it will drop fps, cpu values so low it freezes you and you see 1-8fps then rises. At first i thought it was the loot storage, but nobody has any tents so it is buildings only.

Intel 3770k i7 3.5ghz 16gb 64bit win 10 pro, and with win 7 pro same issues.
evga gtx 780ti sc 3gb video still one of the champs in the market.

2x 256gb ssd Samsung Pro drives, mirror 0 raid for performance.

Anyone monitor the exe ram usage? It might have a memory leak that causes issues after playing for a while. I haven't tried playing today's build (12/15) but as of 12/14 I have had no issues playing on the 64 bit client.

Pozla added a subscriber: Pozla.EditedDec 16 2016, 3:01 PM

Same here, playing the x64 version, latest experimental branch. First 30minutes it runs beautifully then it starts to stutter like crazy every few seconds. Unplayable. Also everytime I exit the game my computer hangs for about a minute with a white screen, unresponsible during that time.

i5-4670 no OC
GTX 970 no OC
8 GB ram
Windows 10 pro
Running the game from SSD.

OK that has to be impossible, so many of us on x64 bit with the same type system. I get the odd freeze up when it appears you render or alt tab to a different window.

@Pozla i recommend finding another stick beef that nice tower up to 16gb you will see the difference. Your starving it, its a good build.

Stutter, clear all startup paths, and if it continues make sure you dump the game clear all log files off from dayz...

especially rpt old reports, log files etc... shut the modem down, router for a few minutes get a completely fresh start into the game.

Router flooding can have so many weird effects, i know i mess with arma 3 modding all the time, i have to shut it all down just to get a fresh feel.

@posla have you checked your cooling too? i run liquid cooling, and ramp the speeds up to 100% for video, and cpu. I stay at around 36-39C max. On cold boot 23C and windows run 30C ish

You have to compound these puppies every 6 months to 8 months, and if you smoke around it, double it to keep it cool

Pozla added a comment.EditedDec 16 2016, 5:47 PM

@Sneakydude You really think I would benefit from more RAM? When I'm playing DayZ my ram usage is usually around 80% or so. Temps are fine, 65-70 degrees celsius under heavy load. Idle temps are at 30 or so. For both CPU and GPU. Yeah I smoke at my PC, stupid I know, but I make sure to clear all dust from the case and fans once a month.

"Stutter, clear all startup paths, and if it continues make sure you dump the game clear all log files off from dayz...

especially rpt old reports, log files etc..."

I have no idea how to do any of that mate, could you hold my hand and walk me through it? Thanks!

EDIT: I should add that DayZ is the only game that does the stuttering, freezes PC upon exiting. And even with DayZ this is a new problem, only started yesterday.