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Items Dissapearing from Inventory [EXP]
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I had a backback and in it was a protector case full of items. Fast forward 30 minutes later I run into the Staroye Evacuation Camp and find myself a better backpack than the one I currently have, so I start moving my items from my old backpack to the new one. Once I move my protector case into the new one, it dissapears. I try moving an item to the spot I moved the protector case to, just incase it was just invisible. When I moved the item, it teleported back to the original slot, which ment the protector case was there, and it was just invisible. This happened to me alot back in .60 so I though a relog would fix it, just like back in .60. I rejoin the server to find my protector case of ammo, morphine, and bandages, 100% gone. It just disappeared. This same glitch happened the day before to a can of beans, so I'm still not sure if it's just protector cases, or all items in general.


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Windows 8 x64
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Windows 8.1 64Bit
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It's possible the backpack ghosted on the ground and someone found it. They cant put it on but they can move items out of it. Relogging thus updated your inventory because the items were taken out by another player.