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Found a jacket stuffed with items, felt like it was being used by another player.
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I was running around Stary and found a jacket, it had items on all 4 slots, I wasn't able to pick it up, neither the jacket, nor the items within it. So I figured: "This might have been looted by somebody else, and this is the items inside his inventory right now."

Since they were all stackables (Ammo and rags), I was able to split them up, bringing them to my inventory. He had about 36 rounds of 308, one of the stacks were showing up as Shotgun Bucks and kept like that until I splitted it up. And the Rags.

I also seen a lot of items around that were showing up as pristine but were actually damaged after you picked them up.


Operating System
Windows 7
Operating System Version
Ultimate Edition x64
Steps To Reproduce

Just walk around searching for stuff really, then you will end up finding a piece of clothing that you can't simply loot, and in some cases that clothing will end up being a storage of some sort.

Additional Information

This happened as of today's experimental update. [08.12.16] - (DD/MM/YY)

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Yeah same thing, found clothing on the ground that I could not take, but could take loot out of. It's probably ghosted from another player.