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Players own footsteps sound coming from behind bug
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Hi! Many people including myself have experienced the following bug and there has been several posts on the BIF about it.
Basically with the new footsteps audio overhaul in 1.66 it introduced an issue where the player will hear their own footsteps coming from behind them if they're in first person, Which is very disorientating. Or to further explain. The footsteps audio is coming from the rear channel on a surround sound headset. Here's an image to demonstrate what I mean.
Image here

Prior to the update, Footsteps were heard in the center channel. But after 1.66 they're in the rear channel (Bottom red outline in the image)
which simulates hearing my ones own foot steps 2 meters behind the unit on screen.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Operating System Version
Steps To Reproduce
  1. Be in first person
  2. Use a Surround sound setup (I've only experienced this with a Surround Headset
  3. Walk or run and observe the footstep sound coming from behind your character
Additional Information

I was hoping that this bug would be fixed in the just released hotfix for 1.66 but i saw no mention of it in the changelog so thought i'd report it here.
Thank you for reading my ticket, And I look forward to a fix!

Headset- Logitech G430 7.1 headset
CPU- i5 4460
GPU- GTX 1070
RAM - 2x4 GB Crucial RAM
SSD - Sandisk extreme pro
Default audio format set to 24 bit, 44100 Hz
Using surround sound.

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I experience this as well with a 7.1 surround sound headset (Razor Kraken Forged). I know of other people experiencing the same problem, not sure what their configurations are.

I notice it most often when I am walking straight and suddenly turn and walk a different direction. Such as walking up cargo tower double/triple stairs, but it does occur on the ground as well. It's basically like the 3d location of the sound keeps going in your previous direction, after you've already turned. It takes a step or two before it corrects itself. Maybe backing up and going forward again as well, I'd need to do more testing.

I've turned around quite a few times in a panic thinking someone was there.

It's as if the footsteps are synced to 500ms later than the player, I've moved back to jsrs as they are basically unusable if you plat 1st person.