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Blurry User Interface
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There are isusses with repacking Magazines since the last patch. Sometimes it just do not work anymore. Even after dying and respawning.
One time i tried to repack Mags, i got blurry visuals after pressing ctrl+r in inventory, as you can see in the short video.

i also got this blurry visions, when i had an csat thermal helmet on, and run around with thermals active. As i switched back to normal sights, the sights where blurry, thermals still worked... Mostly it worked switching back from thermals. Had the thermal helmet on for maybe 2-3 hours since patch, happened 1 time.
so it does not only occur when repacking mags.

After death and respawn all works fine again. Never had this bug before last patch.


Operating System
Windows 7
Operating System Version
Ingame UI
Additional Information

AMD FX 8320 OC to 4,2Ghz
GTX 960 2GB
16 Gig DDR3 1766mhz
Game running from SSD
Win 7 Pro

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