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Dynamic Simulation: Add unit-level toggle to make AI unit have player-style wake up properties
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In the current implementation, AI units can only wake up enemy units. This is great in some situations but there are useful corner cases where a unit should have player-style wake-up behaviour, i.e. wake up all units:

I wouldn't want to clutter the UI with another toggle but could we get a script toggle (command or an object variable that we can set) that switches a non-player unit/group to the wake-up-all behavior that players have?

Possible use cases would be "support" units (tanks, aircraft) that players can send in to deal with threats:
Let's say I have west and east AI units fighting an ambient battle. All units are set to non-wake-up since we don't want that battle to waste resources when players aren't close enough to notice. We now allow the player to send a friendly AI support element (e.g. an armed vehicle) into that battle. We set the tank to "wake up units" since we want to allow stuff like the player sending an AI support unit ahead to clear an objective. This works as intended as long as the player is in range but as soon as he goes out of range the poor support unit is left all alone, waking up all his enemies but none of his friendlies....the poor support unit is now outgunned pretty badly. The alternative would be to keep the support unit in "non-wake-up" state, too, in which case the player wouldn't be able to use the support unit on objectives outside his current "wake up radius" which requires the player to be aware of the ranges.


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