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several bugs
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  • Image of kiwi is not visible,is only present in zombies inventory.
  • 9v battery is not visible, you can take only through command "take", if you open the inventory, it is not visible to the left.
  • loot in the zombie does not appear immediately, but after a few seconds.
  • the walls of the "new buildings" on military bases, are punched in from all types of ammunition.
  • in some types of buildings there's no loot
  • rarely if you aim with hunting scopes, the game crashes (Aiming buildings, no trees or open field).
  • the wolves do not cause damage from bleeding.(It is likely to go repeatedly unconscious once the blood drops below 500.After a few minutes the blood back to the minimum level 500, the character recovers, just a new bite to go unconscious again .... so to infinity)
  • the bunker stairs in military bases are positioned incorrectly ... almost always the character gets stuck
  • some zombie walk on surfaces non-existent, they fly.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64

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Can confirm the kiwi bug, no loot in certain buildings, and the stairs to the quonset huts (especially at NWAF) get the player stuck and its hard to enter those buildings.

Try reporting these bugs in multiple threads, more than half of these were already reported.