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Seek and destroy for vehicles with weapons is too aggressive
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The seek and destroy waypoint used to have different behaviour. What used to happen is that vehicles with seek and destroy would having spotted an enemy stop and engage it before continuing on, in effect the moment they found an enemy they would engage and not move on aggressively but with some caution.

The current implementation however has changed dramatically. The AI will continue to drive towards the waypoint regardless of contact, engaging as they move. They will in effect bull rush the waypoint. This behaviour is not as good as the previous implementation and causes issues in missions where vehicles will suicide run towards the enemy to try and get close range kills where they should instead stay at longer ranges and utilise their long range weapons more appropriately


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
AI Pathfinding / Motion
Steps To Reproduce

In the editor on the airfield spawn a Punisher with a HMG as the enemy AI with crew some 600m away from a player in some cover. Set the Punisher to have a seek and destroy waypoint near the player. Start the scenario as the player.

As the player shoot at the punisher to get it to engage and it will start to "serpentine" and show its aware of the player (which due to other bugs usually doesn't happen until its within 400m) and it may start to fire. Duck in and out of cover and continue firing and the vehicle will continue on its direct path to the player and stopping on the waypoint.

Additional Information

In Arma 2 and earlier Arma 3 versions the behaviour was very different and far more effective for a vehicle.

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