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Kepps crashing out
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Game keeps crashing at random times, just crashed out whilst alt tabbing.


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Windows 10 x64
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Jawsh added a subscriber: Jawsh.Nov 21 2016, 3:03 PM

@SpanishJohn, have you tried verifying the integrity of the game cache?

Neither of the two report files that you have uploaded contain any crash dump files. If you go to %userprofile%\AppData\Local\Arma 3 are there any arma3.bidmp and arma3.mdmp files? If so then archive and upload them along with the corresponding arma3.rpt files.

Yes i always do check integrity after each crash. Always ok.

I try to upload the zip files but this happens

Jawsh added a comment.Nov 21 2016, 4:27 PM

@SpanishJohn, can you archive and upload the arma3.rpt, arma3.bidmp, and arma3.mdmp files? You can use a file archiver program such as 7-Zip to pack the files into a .7z or .zip file. You should then be able to attach that file to a comment. If that does not work then could you upload the file to a free file sharing service such as Dropbox? It is important that the developers have access to all 3 of the file types (arma3.rpt, arma3.bidmp, and arma3.mdmp).

razazel claimed this task.Nov 24 2016, 11:47 AM
razazel changed the task status from New to Need More Info.
razazel added a subscriber: razazel.


please try to upload the troubleshooting files again following @Jawsh 's suggestions. In case you encounter some trouble uploading it here directly, please use the Dropbox or any other free file sharing service.

Thank you

razazel changed the task status from Need More Info to Reviewed.Nov 28 2016, 10:41 AM

Did you guys get the info u needed?

We did, its being worked on, in the meantime you can try and switch to the rc branch

What is RC Branch

How to switch branches
Password for current RC: Arma3Update166RC

I play quite abit of KOTH so i cant upgrade the RC branch it says wrong version.

Ive seen the work around and ill give this a go.