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Configurability of recoil force on cannons + give shotShell simulation same new features as shotBullet.
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Currently the recoil effect (of the entire vehicle, not the barrel) is hardcoded to only happen for ammunition with simulation="shotShell". Additionally, the force / amount of recoil experienced by the vehicle is hardcoded as well.

Please rework this, so that we can configure the amount of recoilforce. If the recoil force is too large for the vehicle (causing it to flip for example) we can only use a different ammo simulation type instead. And in some cases the hardcoded recoil is simply not high enough (due to high vehicle weight for example).

At the same time, shotShell does not work with some new weapon features that work for shotBullet.
Multiple memorypoints for the gun for example don't work for shotShell (e.g. naval twin turret memoryPointGun[]={"tur1_mzl_end_left",""tur1_mzl_end_right"};// only works if ammo is shotAmmo)
CfgWeapon initspeed override/modifier (introduced with Marksman DLC) does not work for shotShell ammo either.

Alternatively add recoil force configurability to shotBullet (and set it to 0 by default) if you can't or dont want to rework shotShell.


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