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.61 exp infected teleport/move really fast if observed from large distance
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During playing on .61 exp I observed the following at least twice:

  • Approach an over watch position of a remote town (optional with binoculars)
  • Observe the area
  • Watch for infected teleporting/moving really fast. The infected even appear to be much larger as if the models are pulled apart.
  • within seconds everything settles and the infected walk normally

Today I even saw it from relative close range: a deer was stuck in a village and some infected did chase the deer but the movement was really choppy. Suddenly all infected who did initially chase the deer did aggro on me (I was still far away).


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Additional Information

It's a bit hard to tell what exactly happens since things settle within seconds. I don't have any video recordings but during the "sync" phase of infected I sometimes thought that I see a player since they where moving much faster than idle infected.

But as I said this does not happen often, but I observed it at least twice in multiple hours of exp gameplay.

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