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Can't use 2 x NUM0 to vault in 0.61
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I cannot make my character vault in 0.61. I am a long time stand alone player, and I have not changed my key bindings at all. I have vault / jump / step over (whatever you call it) bound to 2 x NUM0.

I tried to delete the binding through the UI. I removed the binding to 2 x NUM0 and changed it back to "v". I hit apply but still could not vault. I then went back into my settings, and it was still set to 2 x NUM0.

I've had this config file for a long time and have played through at least 5 or 6 patches without changing it.

I have checked my config files and they are not read only.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Steps To Reproduce

Try to vault with double tapping number pad 0.
Try to change step over key binding and it always reverts back to 2 x NUM0.

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I did some further troubleshooting on this. I was forgetting to hit the final "apply", so I was wrong about making the changes stick. I was able to remap vault to another key, but no matter what I tried, my old combination of 2 x NUM0 no longer seemed to work. I checked and made sure there wasn't any conflicts or reuse of NUM0 (there wasn't an exclamation point next to the binding in the options).

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