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1.64 controller still not working, Deadzones nonexistent
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After the controller hot fix I got back in to the game thinking i could fully play again, but to my dismay, I found that vehicles are still unusable with controllers. The problem is that dead zones no longer exist when in vehicles. Vehicles still register input on the controller even if my hands are off the sticks. Please Bohemia could you look into this issue?

A controller peasant


Operating System
Windows 7
Steps To Reproduce
  1. Plug in any controller
  2. Open Arma 3
  3. Spawn in and enter any vehicle
  4. Observe as you move in game without hands on sticks.
Additional Information

Tested out in 1.62
Controller works just fine for vehicles. Whatever happened in the transit between 1.62 to current patch has jacked controller dead zones.

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Issue should be already fixed in the Development branch, can you confirm and/or leave out some issues that seem still not working (preferably with a repro), thank you

Just checked in dev build, I can confirm that the issue is fixed there.

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Thank you very much :)