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Nightstalker Optic Brackets
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The full screen optics for the Nightstalker have 4 brackets that indicate if a target that is known to the player is being aimed at. These brackets are completely overpowered and annoying because not only do they essentially act as a "scanner" but they can also see through solid objects. If a target known to the player (player knowsAbout target == 4) is inside of a building and the player looks through the optics of the Nightstalker, that player will be able to tell if that target is inside of that building simple by "scanning" the building with their optics. These brackets either need to be straight up removed or be dependant on a difficulty setting such as "Enemy Name Tags".

It's a real shame because the Nightstalker is a great scope and almost essential if you're using the ASP, but I can't really justify using it because of its superpowers with no ability to disable them other than addons.


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Windows 10 x64
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Album of screenshots showing the 4 green brackets that I mentioned:

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Nimrod created this task.Oct 7 2016, 9:53 AM