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Steam auto loads arma 3 even if i havent opened it in days.
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Something keeps thinking i am playing arma 3 when i havent even opened it. Almost around the time i go away from the computer instead of AWAY it puts me into arma 3 without even checking if i loaded the game or not.

Possible A3 launchers? auto run somewhere? -Even if i don't open it for days?

I have to end task of steam.

All files successfully validated. OK


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Windows 10 x64
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Game Crash
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Just pops up....

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It was the CCG, A3 launcher for some reason keeping it locked in place and would randomly open arma 3 for no reason at all.

I was wrong, it worked for about 1 hr behind the computer, but when steam goes afk or away the system starts up arma 3. I came back and i have no power options on, just turn the monitor off. Steam shows me logged in.

Process = steam webhelper x4, client services = 1
No arma 3 instances at all

Need your help, i am putting in tons of hours into arma 3, but mostly it is a bug because i have to end task with arma 3.
Arma 3 tools?

Sneakydude changed Operating System from Windows 7 x64 to Windows 10 x64.Oct 5 2016, 11:05 PM

Last hours 440, it now said 442 hrs so its gaining hours logged in and nothing is loaded with arma. I already redid arma 3 install prior.

Testing with possible solutions, steam overlay may have this effect?

Nope had nothing to do with going afk, was typing a message in discord and it said i was playing arma 3 just now. Nothing loaded in processes either. Damn

Any solution to what might cause this devs?
I play 4 hours and i end up with 26 hours just leaving the computer on. Steam automatically has arma 3 loaded.

No other game, no other program, just says i am playing arma 3 all the time in steam.

Ok i just quit discord and it logged off arma 3 in steam.,.......

What or how the heck does this cause issues voip?