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Titan Missile won´t follow Laser Guidance
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In the past it was possible to Lock on a TITAN AT Launcher to a Laser from a Laser Designator. This seems not the case anymore. You can "Soft"-lock the Laser with your Launcher as seen in Screenshot 1. (Often a lock is hard to achieve altough theres clear line of sight to the laser but thats probably another problem). There will be no beeping or a solid lock visual. Once fired the rocket will ignore the lock and just fly by wire. This happens with both AP and AT versions. Before you could get a solid lock and an audio signal and the missile tracked the laser as seen in Screenshot 2.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Operating System Version
Steps To Reproduce
  1. Alice equips Laser designator
  2. Bob equips Titan AT Launcher
  3. Alice turns on laser and targets something
  4. Bob targets laser and locks with "T" (often a lock cannot be achieved, need to fiddle around a bit)
  5. Bob fires rocket and is wiggling with the launcher to see if the rocket tracks the laser of flies by wire.
Additional Information

Screenshot 1

Screenshot 2

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Sneep69 created this task.Sep 26 2016, 9:19 AM
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Bug was there in 1.62 too.

Sneep69 updated the task description. (Show Details)Sep 26 2016, 3:18 PM
oukej added a subscriber: oukej.Sep 26 2016, 6:14 PM

Confirmed. Thanks for reporting!

Sneep69 added a comment.EditedDec 30 2016, 4:29 PM

It looks like in 1.66 this bug is solved. Tested it today with a friend again and I was able to lock onto the Laser designator and the missile tracked the laser too.