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1.64 Xbox One Controller Dead Zones & RT Not Working
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After the 1.64 update the deadzone settings for the Xbox One controller axes appear to have no effect. The RT (right trigger) also does not register.

This causes continual input from the Xbox One controller during the session. I use this controller primarily for Eden/Zeus camera and noticed it drifts all the time (stick axes never zero and have no deadzone) and also when trying to assign a keybind the controller always registers an input in addition to whatever key is being pressed.

Tested in Legacy 1.62 and all seems ok there.


Operating System
Windows 7 x64
Operating System Version
SP1 Professional
Steps To Reproduce

Plug in Xbox One controller via USB - working normally in Windows.
Start 1.64 (no mods).
I disable this controller under "controllers with scheme" so I can customize everything.
Under "customizable controllers" click "controller (xbox one for windows)" then click the "customize" button.
Click the "show" button to see the controller input values for each axis as it moves.
Move the stick axes around, change the deadzones to max then observe whether or not it has any effect.
Pull the RT (right trigger) axis and observe whether it registers any movement.

This shows the bug for me. The controller stick axes register even the slightest movements (which I think is normal) and will almost never sit at zero regardless of the deadzone setting. Also, the RT (right trigger) does not register at all. In Legacy 1.62 I can see the deadzone setting having an effect in this settings screen and the RT registers.

Additional Information

Seemed to be working fine before the 1.64 update. Checked by trying with Legacy 1.62 (standalone install using game updater) and it still seems to work fine there.

Controller properties:
Device type: Microsoft Xbox One Controller
Microsoft driver 2014-05-26 6.2.11059.0

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Bugsby created this task.Sep 23 2016, 9:43 PM
Bugsby changed Operating System Version from Professional to SP1 Professional.Sep 23 2016, 10:25 PM

Same problem with the 360 controller on Windows 10 64.

Though the triggers work.

I have the same problem

Latest patch didn't fix this issue.

Bugsby added a comment.Dec 2 2016, 7:33 AM

The 1.66 update on Dec 1st 2016 appears to have fixed this.

In Windows 7 x64 & Arma 1.64 + 1.66 the XBox One Elite controller doesn't work as 'customizable controller'. (No inputs are registered.)
(Inputs were fixed in some of the performance binaries and worked until 1.64 v9, dead zone were missing.)
It does work as 'controller with scheme'.

It seems to be an issue with German localization. Switching the game to English fixes the problem.

Xbox one trigger will not work to fire weapon. Confirmed issue has returned. Tested on prior version, worked. Will cause zoom-out instead of fire when pressed.

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We are fully aware of Xbox Controller problems. We will try to focus on it.

Addendum: Issue only occurs when xbox one controller is set as customizable. Also, many people, when showcasing VR hardware, use this engine. When demonstrating, people are more familiar with xbox one controllers...not mouse and keyboard. That is why this functionality is paramount. Having the ability to program double-tapping and "hold-button" functions, like the keyboard, is desperately missing.