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[1.64] Disabling drawingInMap server.cfg parameter removes map markers
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When drawingInMap is disabled in the server.cfg file map markers placed in the mission.sqm file are removed and thus not visible to players.

drawingInMap = 0;//Line drawing in a map interface disabled
drawingInMap = 1;//Line drawing in a map interface enabled


Operating System
Windows 7
Dedicated Server
Steps To Reproduce
  1. Add the following to the server.cfg file:
drawingInMap = 0;
  1. Start a dedicated server.
  2. Join the server and spawn into the game.
  3. Observe that line drawing in a map interface (CTRL + LMB) is correctly disabled as intended. However, also observe that any map markers placed in the mission.sqm are not visible.
  4. Shutdown the server and change the 0 to a 1 for drawingInMap.
  5. Start the server, join, and spawn into the game.
  6. Observe that line drawing is correctly enabled as intended and map markers placed in the mission.sqm are now visible.
Additional Information

Launcher version: 1.5.138522

Game version: 1.64.138497 (22-09-2016)

Branch: main / beta branch not specified

Other players have said on the ARMA Discord server that they can reproduce this issue as described above.

See previously: drawingInMap server.cfg parameter does not work

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Jawsh added a comment.Nov 19 2016, 6:03 AM

This appears to be resolved in version 1.66.139279 RC1 (11-11-2016).

Thanks for the confirmation :) Closing as fixed

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