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VhC textures on units (iskindof "Man")
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If a vehicle had cfgvehicletemplates/vehicle customization, one could select different textures/animationlists. i have a mod (hidden_ghillie) that used those configs but instead on Man type units so i could select from a list of textures which camouflage i wore for the mission. is there a way to get that functionality added back in just for units because i can understand wanting to roll those textures/animations of vehicles into the arsenal garage but that was not considered when the unit is edited via arsenal. please add section for list of texturesources back into unit properties in eden editor so one can quickly select from the various options instead of having to use the bis_fnc_VhC function on the unit's init without any knowledge of their classnames.


Operating System
Windows 7 x64
Eden Editor
Steps To Reproduce

in stable version 1.62:
if a unit's config has textures listed (class texturesources), then under the units attributes at the bottom section would contain a list of texturesources that could be applied to the uniform/camouflage.
converting to development version (1.65), the section is missing.

Additional Information

Optionally, provide an interface/section on the arsenal to select from different textures available to a unit just like how the garage does it for vehicles.

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disregard, i created an option within my mod to simulate this.