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Publisher tags selection is restricted
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Why can't we select from all possible tags in Publisher anymore? Recently there still were scenario related tags available (at least "Singleplayer") but now only some limited (and by that I mean REALLY limited) mod related ones (and "Campaign").

I know that I can select mission related tags right from the editor (publishing my mission to Steam workshop over there), but my problem is that I crafted a mod around the respective mission to provide a bit more of an "overall experience", with main menu cutscenes, etc...

Therefor I have to use the Publisher and can't just upload the mission via the editor.

But now I have it on SW and it's only shown under mods, which in this case is the wrong section, which again makes it harder to be found.
Right now the extra effort I made for the mission feels rather like a punishment.

Could you please change resp. expand this tag selection, BI?


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Steps To Reproduce

Open Publisher and check the possible available tags.

Additional Information

The mission I'm talking about is this one here. No mission related tags possible.

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we've scheduled an update of Publisher in Development branch to tomorrow and it contains an overhaul of tag selection (or rather the very first part of it). This update will allow you change type of item to 'Campaign' and then you can choose a scenario type tags. Also I've add your issue as one of the use cases for the next steps in this endeavor to improve our Steam Workshop.

The core issue there is that Steam Workshop has two methods of storing Workshop Items, the newer being used for mods and the other one for scenarios. Given the abilities and limitations of each of the methods, we can't replace them or switch them. Also as a rule the scenarios are handled by the game itself while it is running, whereas the mods has to be handled by Arma 3 Launcher because they have to enabled before the game is started.

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Thanks for your reply, BW. I hope you can find a solution.