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Dead bodies causing problems with scripts
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I have an "onPlayerKilled.sqf" script, that requires the steam UID of the client. The object called in this script (_this select 0), is called using "_unit = [_this,0,objNull[objNull]] call bis_fnc_param;" during this script, a remote script is executed to handle different death scenarios. This script is passed the "_unit" local variable which should contain the object of the dead player.

This object is then completely unusable in any following scripts which is giving me a massive headache. I can't query this object, because it always comes back as "objNull" once it is passed from the first script.
This has only started since the APEX update.

None of my death scenarios no longer work, and there are around 100+ different death scenarios created on my server which require different and scenario specific tasks to execute (like for stat recording etc...).


Operating System
Windows 10
Steps To Reproduce

Create a mission with an "onPlayerKilled.sqf" script, have that script execute another script which uses the death object, use the object in the new script to query any getVariables assigned to it, or the steam UID of the object.

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3LGStevo created this task.Aug 10 2016, 8:21 PM

I bypassed this by retrieving the player's UID first, and then running at the query of all follow up scripts against all player's UIDs and then matching it back to the correct player.

Still... not sure why stuff like this is changing.