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Status_Access_Violation/Memory Can not be referenced
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Started experiencing CTD while playing Arma 3(mainly after Apex installation), it happens in regular mode and playing on a server. I have reinstalled, and all drivers are updated. I suspect it could be my graphics card, but wanted to submit in case I'm missing a step. Thanks,


Operating System
Windows 10
Steps To Reproduce

Happens on multiplayer server at random
Happens in editor at random
Happens in campaigns at random

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I also have a report generated I can attach/paste?

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thank you for the feedback.

The report file is vital in this case so please attach it. You can do so directly in the ticket, either darg&drop it into the comment box or use the upload button in the comment box (little cloud with Up arrow in it). If you encounter any problems with uploading the file, please use some free file sharing service (e.g. Dropbox) and once you have a download link for the file, post it in the comment.

Thank you :)

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thank you for the crashdumps, we will look into it.

Other than that, here are few things you might want to try, if you haven't done them already

As for the drivers, if you are using some beta of the drivers, please try to roll back to stable ones to see whether there is some change (beta drivers can be a bit unstable and cause this issue).

Should anything change, please let me know :)

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