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SUGGESTION: Accurate Bearings
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While the normal bearings are sufficient for most infantry combat e.g: "enemy unit bearing 240", it would be nice to see bearings accurate to two decimals while in vehicles e.g: 136.94. (bearings visible in vehicles when in gunner/commander position)

Reason: Quite a few of my friends including me, play on servers where there is vehicle combat at extended ranges 2K+ (up to 12K in artillery).
We feel the normal bearings (like "240") are not sufficiently accurate for vehicle combat at these ranges, especially artillery (artillery computer disabled).
Hence why I am asking for bearings that are more accurate (like "315.42") to reduce confusion and friendly fire (artillery).

Judging with my (limited) knowledge of UI coding this wouldn't take too long to implement and a quite a few people would be immensly gratefull for your support! : )


Operating System
Windows 8 x64
Operating System Version
Windows 8.1 64 bit PRO latest (as of 20/7/2016)
Feature Request
Steps To Reproduce

Enter a vehicle --> gunner/ commander seat and look at your compass.

Additional Information

Thanks for the help and support!

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