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Status Access Violation
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After the 1.62 update I have been getting Status Access Violation errors.
This error occurs with and without mods.
This error happens when testing single player and playing multiplayer.

With Single player if I try and test in single player too many times i get it.
With multi player I've started to get it on my dedicated server.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Game Crash
Steps To Reproduce

Sit at my desk, drink lots of tea and try and do anything meaningful with Arma 3.

I mainly play, and so in turn get this, when I have mods. I have tried changing my mods around but still have the issues.
This does also happen when I play without mods but is harder to reproduce as is less frequent.

Additional Information

Here is the error report that the game creates:

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thank you for the feedback and the crashdumps, we will look into them immediately.

Here are few things that are worth trying (if you already haven't done so already)

Should any of that help, please let me know.


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