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Helicopter Is Not Moving Left/Right
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when using the the keys A/D for turning the helicopter left / right its not turning left or right whilest flying.
if you just lift off and don't move forward or backwards one can turn the helicopter left and right.
but as soon as you are on some speed its only moving a little left or right and after releasing the buttons its flying straight forward again.
its working for the jet. why not for the helicopter


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Windows 10 x64

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would it be possible to send us the video of the issue so we can see what the problem might be?

Helicopter is not the same vehicle as a jet and needs to be treated accordingly. While turning on a spot is much easier for it in high speeds, it can be hard and you need to use combination of Cyclic control (A/D) and the Pedals control (Q/E) - with default control keys.
If you are referring to the Pedals control, when using this in flight (moving forward), these controls cannot be used to "steer" the helicopter, it's not a car, in flight Pedals are used only to adjust the direction so helicopter does not enter sideslide and does not crash.

Piloting a helicopter in Arma 3 can be a little bit tricky, I would recommend that you go through the basics in the Tutorials Virtual Training first.

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