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Stuck at start up screen
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After starting up ARMA 3 after the latest updates (1.62) I get to the start up screen with menu options at the top but I am unable to get any further. The menus have sub-menus but if I select them nothing happens.


Operating System
Windows 10
Game Startup
Steps To Reproduce

start up the game

Additional Information

There is also three pictures with the text "Quick play", "Apex protocol" and "editor". Not sure iof they are just decorations but they don't do anything if I try to click on them.

I can send a screen shot if needed.

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isenhand created this task.Jul 14 2016, 9:53 AM
Koala added a subscriber: Koala.Jul 14 2016, 2:16 PM


it seems that there are some corrupted files.

Please open Steam, click on Library, right click on Arma 3, choose Properties, open the Local Files tab and click on Verify The Integrity Of Game Cache.

After the verifications is done, Steam may download some files again.

If you have used some modifications (Exile, CBA3, CUP etc.) please deactivate them first.

Now start the game and the issue should be gone.