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Access Violation Error when trying to connect to Exile mod servers
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I tried to join an Exile server, which also used Ryan's Zombies 4.6.
I clicked JOIN and then got an access violation error !!
I am using v1.62.137494

IMGUR Link to crash message

This may also be linked to my 2 previous unresolved reports....


It also generated an Arma 3 crash report, which I have attached to this message.
(I cannot attach the report because it is 2mb, and apparently there is a 1mb file size limit (!) Documentation says "You can review available storage engines and their configuration by navigating to Applications → Files → Help/Options → Storage Engines in the web UI." - however I do not have these options in my account settings.


Operating System
Windows 7
Operating System Version
x64 Ultimate
Steps To Reproduce

Join an Exile server

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Thank you for the feedback, however if there already is an ticket with the same report from you, rather update that one instead of creating a new one. It is then much easier to keep track of the issue.

It isn't the same, the other reports are related to Arma 3 Apex load bar freezing when trying to load any campaign mission.