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DayZ SA - Lack of Wilderness
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Chernarus has become in its entirety too urbanized. I'm not suggesting the demolition of cities nor villages, instead we need to extend map North and West and let the old Wilderness of the mod (ArmA2 Wilderness) come to life again!


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First and foremost forgive me for posting a feature request, them commonly being something not of utmost importance for the current stage of development - but I find this being a problem in the current and future state of the game.

Even though persistance is still being in development and under constant tweaks, the current state of the game promotes the desire of setting up your camp with your group. And that isn't the only reason, back when I started DayZ - as a mod, Chernarus being that of ArmA2, I really loved the uniqueness of some Northern landscapes. Endless forests and hills, with the Popeda Dam in the mid-North and small saw mill area North-West with some Rocky hills north from them, and so on.

And thus what I truly believe is that we need more of unsettled and uncultivated ACRES! of land left in their natural state.

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BeanZ for ya :)

souxi added a comment.Jul 13 2016, 1:02 PM

On further thought,

One great way to diversify the current landscape would be to add bodies of water, such as greater in-land freshwater lakes and rivers which float towards the sea - once the boats get into the game, I'd be great to have other than coastal ways of travelling with them. Also, being a river, a lake - or a water system combining several of above, as well the scarcity of the resources, we "survivors" are quite used to, form a certain level of difficulty to travel north (An example for the direction).

Hence, the "no-man's land" - be it above North, West or both (the more the better), would serve as a non-viable option for fresh survivors but a definite option for those who seek refuge and are equipped to gather further resources from the nature itself. These being fishing, hunting, growing, and at a later version of the game, building their own safe haven. Now, I don't mean that area to be currently empty of structures, you can always add one resort here, a landmark or another there. If you have a floating river, might as well build a water power plant, eh? Point being, the vast majority of this new land should be untouched - to be claimed and capitalized by the players themselves. Of course, eventually in times of need and especially since you simply can not find everything in the nature, runs for supplies towards zombie infested villages, towns and cities have to be done.

Make options for travel (my example, for instance)

  • A hiking path which would prevent the use of sizeable vehicles, possibly allowing travel by bicycle, mountain bike, enduro motorcycle "dirt bike", ATV...
  • Crossing the water systems by either swimming or naval vehicles
  • A greater bridge which connects a highway, for instance, towards an imaginary town (outside of map). The said highway could have enormous amount of abandoned vehicles. Let's call this car graveyard. Also acts as a choke point, the risky route - but fastest
  • Going through the above mentioned water power plant, for instance (using it's maintenance road).

Now this you could play around with, add a very diverse type of loot inside, you could basically make it have it's own story: One of the last stands of previous survivors, fighting to maintain running power until they were overwhelmed by the zombie horde or ravaged by diseases

  • Helicopter, paratrooping from a plane or even allowing said highway to act as an emergency landing spot.